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Tips for decorating a new home for Senior Living | Property Investment in Pune | Buy 1RHK in Punawale


Siddhashila Eela a project by Siddhashila Groups, Pune provides quality of life for seniors—and safety is a primary concern. Many seniors face physical challenges like limited mobility, balance, sight and hearing. Keep these tips in mind when decorating a new home:

Finesse the Furniture. Place major pieces so they can be used for balance while moving through the room, and keep pathways clear—particularly if walkers or wheelchairs are necessary.

Improve Access. Place frequently used items in waist-high cabinets and drawers. Keep phones near beds and sitting areas. Situate lamps for unrestricted access, and ensure switches are easy to operate. Switch dresser knobs to drawer pulls for easier grip.

Prevent Falls. Avoid unsecured scatter rugs. All rugs should be non-slip and contrast in color with the flooring beneath. Tuck electrical cords behind furniture or use cable management products, which are available in most office supply stores.

Increase Visibility. Create strong contrasts in color between major pieces of furniture, walls, drapes and floors. During the day, allow as much natural light as possible in living areas. At night, illuminate the path between bed and bathroom with motion-sensor nightlights.

Create a Fall-Proof Bathroom. Place seating in front of the sink and in the shower for easy, comfortable grooming. Install non-slip strips on the shower floor and grab bars near the shower, tub and toilet.

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